IBM World’s First Commercial Quantum Computer

IBM finally unveils world first integrated quantum computing for commercial use in CES 2019. This is kind of first machine in the world that is suitable for commercial use due to its universality. The IBM Q System One is a major step forward in the commercialization of quantum computing. The capability of the IBM Q System contain more classical computers which is highly competent in processing more sizable data and complex algorithms in very short amount of time. With the help of this quantum computer, the system can solve problems in pharmaceutical, financial as well as technological fields.

This computer has 20-qubit system i.e. like a analogue bit for quantum computers is divided into two areas. This IBM Q system contain huge packages of course but it includes everything which is required for quantum computing experiments including all types of technological data. IBM Q network announced a partnership with ExxonMobil and other research labs to explore more in quantum computing. It also used some cloud based quantum computing system and software for their organisation.

The company claims that IBM Q is suitable for scientific and commercial tasks. However, the resource TechCrunch notes the computer is not powerful enough to use in many projects. IBM says that the machine can be upgraded, and the maintenance is quite simple. IBM Q will not appear on the free market: you will need to cooperate with the manufacturer to purchase a quantum computer.

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