Meizu Zero: World’s first phone that removes every button and port

Zhuhai-based Meizu, a Zhuhai based company recently announced Meizu Zero, a phone that is completely covered doesn’t come with any opening or holes, that means no buttons, charging port, speaker grilles or even a SIM card slot. This hole-less phone is priced at $1,299. Well, this is a concept phone that was designed to get people thinking about the future.

The Zero’s got a large screen 5.99-inch AMOLED display and Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip. This phone uses eSIM technology to replace physical card slot, for audio it uses mSound 2.0 screen sound technology that is capable of produce sound through display via vibrations, the same technology used in Xioami in the original Mi Mix. It also contain 20MP front facing camera with facial recognition technology and a 12MP sony IMX380+20MP Sony IMX350 dual camera setup at the rear with Meizu’s one mind AI smart 2 engine.

As the phone doesn’t contain any slot for charging it uses Meizu’s Super mCharger Wireless technology to charge at 18W, and it leverages pressure sensing technology for the virtual power and volume buttons on the side. You are able to transfer files to any device wirelessly using Bluetooth 5.0. As there’s no SIM card tray, you’ll have to use an eSIM with the device. You also get an in-display fingerprint sensor, and IP68 dust and water resistance.

Meizu is selling 100 units of the Zero, and as of writing 13 units have been sold so far. Deliveries kick off from April 2019, so if you’re interested in what the Zero has to offer, hit up Indiegogo from the link below to get your hands on the device.



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