Palm Phone Review: A Tiny Second Phone

This is the second tiny phone in the digital market of the smartphones. A week ago you spotted our review the first tiny Zanco S phone which is the world tiny portable phone. This Palm phone has similar features like Zanco S phone. Palm is an android phone, so it essentially installs all the same apps on the phone with similar phone with high specification. Palm is also used as a handset companion device to your smartphone so you can disconnect from your everyday life. But as the palm phone is a fully-functional handset with access to the Play Store, it just ends up becoming a miniature version of your daily carry. The Palm brand created this device and they have made this device exclusive to Verizon. Verizon will sell this device to users who want to buy a phone and will pair it with other phone. The price of this tiny smartphone on Verizon exclusive is $350. This is basically a smaller version of your primary smartphone.


The Palm phone is 3.3 inch device with spec sheet closer to a smartwatch than a smartphone. Its similar like first generation iPhone had a 3.5-inch display, and the first Andriod phone had a 3.2-inch display, so its doesn’t sound like a outlandish. Those early days smartphone only had a 3:2 aspect ratio, so they were much wider than the palm phone with 16:9 display. Palm did a lot right things when they designed this phone. Its almost as if they took a low range phone and shrunk it down, making a cute device with normal sized parts only in the most essential places. The USB-C is normal sized, as are the camera and the mic holes with LED flash. And yes, it will be one more thing you have to keep charged. This phone has all black aluminium body wrapped in Corning Gorilla glass made us wish it was more rugged especially if we are taking it out with us on trips and to bars. As it has IP68 water resistance rating helps, as it means the phone can survive a drop in the pool.

As it’s a tiny phone which don’t have high specification and powerful phone by design but it can support all everyday features in compact form. The display on this phone is surprisingly adequate. It’s an LCD screen, but it has fairly bright and certainly sharp enough for its size. For example OnePlus 6T has pixel density 402ppi and the Palm has sharper display than the OnePlus 6T. The Palm phone comes with the Fleksy Keyboard out of the box, which is fine but it doesn’t support gesture typing, which I think is a must with such a small display. As it supports play store you can also download Gboard made typing a lot easier but it still isn’t call ideal; typing on a tiny touchscreen just great experience no matter what keyboard you install from google play store.

The big change from the normal Android layout is the home screen, which does away with the usual app drawer and multi-page home screen for a single scrolling list of apps. The layout looks like the Apple Watch as they scroll into view. This is a full-featured Android phone, but the simple home screen really makes the Palm phone feel more like a limited media device than a do-it-all smartphone. If you don’t like it, installing something like Nova Launcher and getting a normal home screen back is easy enough.


The android phone software on this palm device is interesting. It’s more interesting than the vast majority of the android devices I haved reviewed over the past reviews in smartphones. It has unique style with its own unique launcher with a scrolling, size charging set of icons and it has its own icons throughout its UI. This phone won’t work as a standalone smartphone. It uses Verizon’s Numbershare service to sync all of your calls and text messages from the primary phone using Verizon messaging app, message+, so you don’t need to activate a new line or use a separate phone number. Once the palm is connected with your primary smartphone, all the notification, alerts, texts and calls you receive on the main smartphone will also appear on the palm. The point is to keep you from constantly checking notifications, so the fewer apps installed, the better. That way, you can easily switch between the two. That does mean paying Verizon $10 a month for cellular connectivity on the palm.

The battery life is not good as compare to other mobile phones. Even if the $350 price doesn’t matter to you, the battery life is so poor it makes the phone unfit for any use case. Battery life of this phone is 800mAh cell. Running apps from google play store dropped the battery life in almost 1 hour. Palm only claims up to 7.5 hours of usage. Camera is good enough sometimes you’ll get good images with dark and grainy shade. The phone should take a copy of the photo and scale it down to 320×240 image, so you will get a tiny representation of the entire image fo camera apps and file managers. Instead you’ll get often get a 320×240 crop of the top left corner of the photo, so you usually have no idea what the subject of the photo is in the thumbnail.

The price of this palm phone is $350, you can buy this phone from Verizon.

Should you buy it?

If you can’t tell I am pretty sure about the Palm phone in its current state. The price $350 isn’t significant especially one that falls short on the basics of a smartphone. I like the idea that the Palm Phone represents, I also love that it brings Verizon into the number cloning game, because frankly it makes no sense in 2018 that most phone numbers can only be attached to one device at a time. But for now, I think your money is better spent on a smartwatch or some time management apps. On the other hand it’s camera isn’t good and very low battery life at this price.


  • Camera Resolution:12MP/8MP
  • Colors Available:Gold,Silver
  • Dimensions:3.8 x 2 x .29″ (HWD) inches
  • Form Factor:Candy Bar
  • GPS:Yes
  • microSD Slot :No
  • NFC:No
  • Operating System as Tested:Android 8.0
  • Physical Keyboard:No
  • Processor Speed:1.4 GHz
  • Processor:MSM8940, Octa-core 4 x 1.4GHz + 4 x 1.1GHz
  • Screen Pixels Per Inch:445 ppi
  • Screen Resolution:1280×720 pixels
  • Screen Size:3.3 inches
  • Screen Type:IPS LCD
  • Total Integrated Storage:32 GB
  • Video Camera Resolution:1080P
  • Weight:2.2 oz
  • Wireless Specification:802.11n (2.4 GHz only)


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