Uber showed his vision of a flying taxi in CES 2019

At CES 2019 in Las Vegas, Bell introduced the Nexus the concept of a flying taxi. This same concept is partner of Uber and previously showed other developments in the field of drone taxi. The Nexus is look like a future of transport that is interesting  with six rotor design take off and propel itself through the air. Transport will move with the help of six propellers. They are design in such a way that both sides of propellers are arranged symmetrically. In Nexus the hybrid power plant is a generator that drivers electric motors and is powered by batteries and a gas turbine.

Uber is also working with a number of companies on its future air taxi service. The vehicle can be seen as a larger, much more advanced version of regular consumer drones. Uber views the revealing of Bell’s design a major step on demand of Uber Air network.

Advanced specification have not yet been disclosed completely neither the speed of movement nor the range of light is known. At the middle of the next decade the Nexus will disclosed all the information about this flying taxi.


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